Feature Stories

  • Carrie Strange's 1964 Chevy Corvair

    Corvair With An Attitude!
    "Strange Motion's Calling Card"
    '64 Chevy Corvair

  • In this day and age, daring to be different is still the name of the game...Corvair with an Attitude...her custom ride fits her perfectly!...Dynamic Duo” due to their love and passion for building custom cars....(Full Feature)


  • Sara Barnard's 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon

    Teacher's Delight
    "Family Fun in a Wagon"
    '59 Ford Ranch Wagon

  • Years ago when the station wagon scene exploded, we all just thought it would be a fad ...its the perfect car to have... Such is the case for Sara, who is a pre-school teacher...plenty of room when ....(Full Feature)


  • Samatha Rawson 1965 Ford Falcon

    Love At First Sight
    "Let's Make A Deal"
    '65 Ford Falcon

  • Have you ever gone somewhere and saw that one thing that just knocks your socks off, and deep down inside you know you just have to own it. This is what happened to this young lady....(Full Feature)


  • Denielle Armstrong's 1962 Chrysler

    Big Bad Brute
    "All in the Family"
    '62 Chrysler 300 Sport

  • We all have memories of how we got started into cars, muscle cars, or the hot rod world for that matter. This is a story about a lady who was introduced to the automotive world from day one....(Full Feature)


  • Kristi O'Shea's 1967 Ford Mustang

    From Rags To Riches
    "Kristi's Mothers Day Surprise"
    '67 Mustang

  • Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, whether it's an Anniversary, Birthday or Mothers Day. Whatever the occasion, we all like surprises in our lives. We've all heard the saying,...(Full Feature)




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