2016 - 4th Print Issue - Winding Down!

Hi all… Here we are at the end of 2016, and reviewing all the happenings before deciding on 2017 schedule. This year has flown by for all of us at LIA Magazine. The past editorials I spoke about what we hope to do for the future issues

For this editorial I want to review the purpose of the magazine. Our purpose for doing the magazine is for you ladies. Yes, I said for you. I want the magazine to be an extension of your networking. All of us realize we need to network, however, lets face it, you, myself, and everyone of us can only do so much networking. You can only go to so many events, trade shows, autocross, drag races, technical events etc.

So, we want you to find out what ladies are doing, how to get the proper training, mentors to go to for support/help, organizations, and associations that will help you to obtain your goals, dreams, and desires for any career you want for yourself. Once you find out these avenues for help you’ll realize how helpful it can be for you to get closer to your goals or dreams.

For us just this month we went to the PRI Trade Show down at the Indianapolis Convention Center. We were going down for some educational seminars and ran into Camee Edelbrock. Long story short, Camee remembered we were doing the magazine. She mentioned to me about the SBN for women and what their purpose is for women. Guess what, their purpose aligns perfectly with our magazine’s purpose. You can think of it what you want, however, I honestly believe encounters do not happen by chance. Please join us and let me know what your thoughts are for things to enhance the magazine for the good of all of us. We want to have the magazine work for all of you regardless of your career!

We hope all of you had a safe blessed holiday season with all of your family and friends! We sincerely wish you all a great start to your 2017

Your LIA Lady
Founder and Editor-in-chief

Lialady Julia with Jo Coddington at SEMA

SEMA 2016: Good friend Jo Coddington and I in the Factory Five Booth.
Looking forward to what her plans are for 2017.
(Photo by Assoc. Publisher: John Aschenberg)

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