Teacher's Delight

“Family Fun In A Wagon”

Story by John Aschenberg
Photos by – John and Julia Aschenberg
Sara Barnard's 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon Front 3/4

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Years ago when the station wagon scene exploded, we all just thought it would be a fad and be over in a matter of years. It's been around twenty years ago when the wagon scene came about, and I'm here to tell you, its here to stay. Also known as the "longroof", its the perfect car to have and enjoy when going to car shows, especially when you have a family. Such is the case for a lovely young lady locally we've known for several years now. Her name is Sara Barnard from Lafayette, Indiana who is the owner of this way cool 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon. This wagon is perfect for Sara, who is a pre-school teacher. Sara along with her husband Cody, together they have two precious little guys in theirs lives where this wagon comes in handy when going to car shows. The Barnards have plenty of room when loading up the wagon with their two sons, Parker and Mason plus all the necessities needed when going to a show.

The Barnards found this wagon on Craigslist located in a small town in Michigan for $3500.00. They bought it from an elderly couple that used it to pull a trailer when going to antique shows. The wagon had been sitting for awhile, however was in pretty good condition and only needed minor body work. With a lot of "TLC" the Barnards turned this longroof into a "Family Fun Wagon".

Sara Barnard sitting on the front hood of her 1959 Sara sitting in the riders side waving outside window