“One cool Woman in a Black Chevelle”

Story by John Aschenberg & Glenda Rico
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Glenda Rico's '66 Chevelle

It’s ironic sometimes how our job or career will lead us down a path of what we like to call the “fun side” of a job. For instance, Glenda Rico from Sevierville, Tn. is an Insurance Adjuster who’s been in the automotive business for many years now. She has learned a lot about vehicles; including nomenclature, estimating damages and how to spot a bad repair job. The fun side in this matter is the building and showing of custom cars, which is what Glenda and her husband Steve have been doing for about 30 years now. The Rico’s started doing custom Volkswagen’s back in the 80’s, where they had built a ’74 Super Beetle that had won many awards up and down the East Coast. In fact, Glenda and Steve completely restored a ’89 Chevy Astro Van which was featured on Horse Power TV.  So, one can assume this isn’t their first custom car rodeo. This is where we begin the story on this breath taking ’66 Chevelle convertible, which by the way is HER car and is named Shevelle.

Glenda Rico's 66 Chevelle back shot

Glenda had wanted a car for sometime; one that she could call her own. Other cars had been considered, even a Chevy 5 window pickup. Then in ‘2009 at the Grand Run in Pigeon Forge, Tn. while Glenda was still at work, Steve spotted a ’66 Chevelle convertible for sale with the owner driving up and down the strip pulling a trailer with a Chevelle on it. After talking to the owner a deal was made on the condition that they would buy the car with Glenda’s approval upon seeing it. That Sunday the Rico’s picked up the Chevelle with Glenda driving her pride and joy home for the first time, saying she was tickled to death and smiling all the way home. Now with the ’66 at home Glenda thought she would have a little time to drive her car around town, however, Steve evidently had other plans. When she went out to the garage the very next day, Steve already had the fenders, doors and hood off the car; oh well so much for Glenda driving it around town.

Glenda Rico's 66 Chevelle side shot After getting the ’66 completely stripped down, the chassis was first on the list. Upon getting the chassis stripped and painted; Classic Performance Products, “CPP” played a big role in the suspension department up front. Two inch dropped spindles, tubular control arms, sway bars, disc brakes, you name it; and CPP has its name all over it. A set of QA coil over springs and shocks take care of the smooth ride, while an Ididit steering column with a 601 steering box is nestled into place topped off with a factory Rosewood steering wheel. The rear suspension consist of the factory original 10 bolt posi trac rearend with 3.73:1 gears, all suspended in place by a set of Eaton Springs.  Completing the rolling chassis is a set Foose Monterey wheels, 17”x7” in the front and 18”x8” in the rear all wrapped in B.F. Goodrich tires.


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