Corvair With An Attitude!

“Strange Motion's Calling Card”

Story by John Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Carrie Strange's 1964 Chevy Corvair Front 3/4

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In this day and age, daring to be different is still the name of the game. When building something different you want to make a statement, something that stands out and is unique. This very cool in your face Pro Touring ‘64 Corvair belongs to Carrie Strange of Lewisburg, Tennessee. We feel this is a Corvair with an Attitude, which if you know Carrie, her custom ride fits her perfectly! If the name “Strange” rings a bell, that’s because Carrie is the other half of Strange Motion Rod & Custom. Carrie and her very talented husband Tim, have been cranking out some very impressive show cars for over 24 years now. You might say they are “The Dynamic Duo” due to their love and passion for building custom cars. Having been in business this long, Tim and Carrie have built over hundreds of countless cars and trucks that have been featured in about every magazine you can think of from all over the world.

Every couple of years Strange Motion likes to build a project for themselves, it helps bring in clientele to the shop. One could call it a calling card, where it shows everyone the type of custom car they can build for you. While on a trip somewhere, Carrie and Tim were talking about building her a car. Carrie said she likes little weird cars, her first car being a Chevette. After thinking about all kinds of cars that would be different, Carrie said how about a Corvair? Tim thought about it and said yes, we could build a cool one. Now Carrie was just thinking, lowered, cool wheels and otherwise stock. However in Tim’s mind he was thinking a full custom chassis, a cool stance, moving the engine up front and so on. After searching online for over a month, they found one on Craigslist somewhere in Kentucky. With truck and trailer in motion, they took a little trip to the bluegrass state to check out the Corvair. It was a decent builder for what they had in mind, and hauled it back to the shop in Lewisburg.

Carrie Strange's 1964 Chevy Corvair rear 3/4