Family Ties

"My first time driving the car I was in love"

Copy by Julia Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Marie Southworth's '32 Ford Coupe 3/4 Front

We all have things that are passed down to us from generation to generation; our personalities, color of eyes, color of hair, height, etc. Well if you stop and think beyond our looks and personalities there are other ways that things are passed down from prior generations. In Marie, "Cha Cha", Southworth's case the love of cars was passed down from the moment she was born. Yes, she is one of those lucky gals who was born into cars. You see her father owned a Chevrolet Dealership. Not only did she have that facet, Marie also had a father and two brothers that built hotrods and restored all kinds of cars. So, for her, I suppose she either loved the cars or hated them. Lucky for her she loved cars. Marie was fortunate enough to hook up with a guy who is also into hot rodding. Her husband, Henry Dana, built her this '32 Ford 5 window coupe.

Marie's Vintque Grille insert with Gibbon shell Rootlieb steel louvered hood

Henry and Marie began with a Downs Glass body 3 inch chop for their '32 Ford coupe. From there they purchased all new parts for the outside look and finish of the coupe. They acquired a Rootlieb steel hood, a Gibbon glass grille shell, Vintique grille insert. Marie's husband painted the body with Sherwin Williams Black Epoxy with a matte clear coat. Finishing out the outside of the body is Bob Drake headlights, '39 Ford tear drop taillights, 3 inch peep outside side mirrors, and Vintique door handles. They went with tinted glass from Eastern Glass Co to make driving down the road easier on the sunny days.