Jessi Combs

Metal Fabricator & TV Personality

Story by Julia Aschenberg
Videographer & Photographer – John & Julia Aschenberg
Jessi Combs signing autographs and conversing with her viewers in the Lincoln Electric booth at SEMA

I and the staff of LIA Magazine met Jessi Combs last year at an event we attended. As with any of the Who's Who columns we do research about the person who is involved before the interview. Once we have done the research we have a better idea of the questions we would like to ask the person for our column. We do this so that we are sharing with our readers things that haven't been reported before in articles. We like to bring out in the articles information that the average person would ask in a casual conversation. Well we did our research and was wowed by what we found out.

First of all here is a beautiful young lady, born and raised in the Black Hills of Rapid City SD. Jessi is not only into the automotive industry but is a gal who's had a love affair with automobiles her whole life. Yes, all of you are saying, this young gal her whole life, we'll get to that part in a minute. Despite the fact that she was offered a scholarship from a prominent Interior Design School, however, Jessi decided to travel. During her travels she decided to pursue an automotive career, which is when the move was made to Laramie WY to attend WYO Technical school.

Jessi finished the school with a Custom Automotive Fabrication degree. Once she graduated, because of her involvement in the trade school she was offered a job in the Marketing Department, which she accepted. Her and the other student that were hired was to build a car from the ground up in 6 months to debute at SEMA. The purpose of the build was to auction the vehicle off for charity. From that point Jessi has gone full speed ahead and hasn't looked back at her past. We are sure that her many experiences has helped to decide her future experiences. Jessi has led a very diversified life in a short span of time.

Jessi Combs metal fabricator and TV Personality

If many of you are saying, wait I know that name, however, where? You would be correct in thinking Overhaulin, Xteme 4 X 4, 2 Guys Garage, TruckU, SEMA Show Special, DuplicolorTV, Full Throttle TV, Pirate4x4 TV Live, and Bosch 125 just to name a few. Currently she can be found doing All Girls Garage on Velocity Channel, The List: 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die on AOL's, and who knows what else as of this writing. Besides all the TV venues that she does, Jessi not only builds cars in her shop, she also races them both on and off road. Jessi's infectuous personality made it a treat for us to sit down and talk with her about her dreams, asperations, and how she would like to involve other women in the automotive industry. .

Jessi Combs on the set of Overhaulin' at SEMA

The interview we have broken it down into four videos on YouTube. In Part 1 Jessi talks about her travels. She feels everyone if they have the chance to travel to see other people live...listen about her experience in Germany. For Part 2, talks about her love of cars, whether building, racing, etc...she does TV to share her love with other women. Listen how she likes to communicate to other women. On to Part 3, Jessi talks about her shop and classes for other women. She doesn't want any woman to feel intimidated...For the final video, Part 4, she sums up advice she has for other females. To sum up....Jessi wants to be the gal that gets other women's hands wet with anything they have dreams of doing. Thank you Jessi for a great interview!

Jessi Combs metal fabricator and TV Personality Jessi Combs on the set of Overhaulin' at SEMA

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