Love At First Sight

“All in the Family”

Story by John Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg and owner
Samantha's 65 Ford Falcon Front 3/4

Now that the Falcon is completed, it's time to show off all their efforts, hard work and dedication in their 2 year build. One of the first shows was the Detroit Autorama show this past March, where we spotted this fine Falcon. Sam said she's loved old hot rods her whole life, but got hooked after seeing a movie as a young girl that was about a girl that drove an old hot rod. Sam would like to acknowledge everyone who helped in the build of her car. A big thanks goes out to her husband Kevin Rawson, friends Scott Wahlstrom, Kenny Robbins, Cameron Robbins, Chris Burgo, and Phil Kurzhal. When asked what would you do different if you had it to do all over again, Sam said, nothing. We're making the car better with every improvement, and I enjoy working on my car to make it better. Very well said Samatha, and congratulations on a job well done!

Samantha's steering wheel Samantha Rawson with her 65 Ford Falcon

    Samantha shared a few images of her helping all their friends in building her 65 Ford Falcon.
    Check out the fun she had in building her Ford

  • 1Samantha working on front end
  • 2Samantha working on the engine

  • 3Samantha making sure to be safe with filter equipment for breathing
  • 4Samantha is spotted all up on her face

  • 5Samantha's hands all spotted up
  • 6Samantha is Handling holding her wheel & tire