The Runt

“Chevy II with an attitude”

Story by John Aschenberg
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Gerry Kerna's 1962 Chevy II

Next up on the agenda was the body which had many modifications, including stretched front wheel well openings, tucked and smoothed bumpers, a custom sheet metal spoiler, engine bay, firewall, floors, lower front valance and wheel tubs all fabricated at RPM Hot Rods. After every square inch of the body had been smoothed and gone over with a magnifying glass, then it was time for paint. Gerry said one of the most challenging parts of the build was deciding what color to paint “The Runt”. Knowing she wanted two main colors for a unique combination plus a third trim color to make it all happen was very tough! Getting many paint samples from Home Depot was very helpful according to Gerry. After finally deciding on the two main colors, Red Allure Pearl and Sunset Bronze Mica in Sikkens Base/Clear it was meticulously laid on by painter Jon Harrison of Area 51 Autoworx from West Newton, Pa. After everything had time to dry it was handed off to Thad Cunningham of Icon Signs and Kustom Paint out of Duncansville, Pa. to bring it all together. Other cool amenities on “The Runt” include a Dan Baker Alumicraft one-off CNC Billet Grille, hood hinges and door handles by the Ring Brothers, gas cap by RideTech Precision Coachworks, and custom headlights and taillights by United Pacific Crystal/LED.

Gerry's front grille on the '62     Gerry's front wheel well Gerry's rear spoiler Gerry's trunk area

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