Beverly's Build

“Truly a Father - Daughter Love Affair with a '68 Camaro”

Story by Beverly Logsdon, Edited by LIA Magazine
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Beverly Logsdon's 68 Camaro back 3/4

In 2006, my wonderful husband, Ron Logsdon, retired from the Columbus Police Department and asked the magic words …. “Do you really want to restore your Camaro?”  We immediately started the “off frame” restoration in 2006, and completed it in August 2009.  We won’t discuss how much of his retirement check went into the restoration! 

Beverly's beautiful interior in her Camaro

I am still the proud owner and driver  --  and I love the sound and speed as much today as I did in 1968.  My husband likes to remind me that I am not 16 years old anymore, but I just tell him that my Camaro likes to be driven like I am still 16!  My greatest pleasure driving this Camaro to car shows since August 2009, is that my 84 year old Dad has been able to attend them with us, and he delights in telling his part in the history of this 1968 Chevy Camaro.  My children discuss who will inherit the Camaro, when I am gone….  I just tell everybody that I plan to be buried in it.  

Side view of Beverly's 68 Camaro


Beverly's back seat in the 68 Camaro




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