Beverly's Build

“Truly a Father - Daughter Love Affair with a '68 Camaro”

Story by Beverly Logsdon, Edited by LIA Magazine
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Beverly's 68 Camaro shot from the front 3/4

I did drive to special high school events and to my high school graduation.  It has been rumored that I could out-race most every boy from traffic light to traffic light in WCH, but that is just a rumor.  By 1972 I had paid my Dad the full purchase price and received the bill of sale.  Of course, I asked for the bill of sale before running off to get married…….. knowing I would return to find my Camaro locked up and covered with blankets!!  My Dad wasn’t happy that I eloped, but finally started talking to me after 6 months.  Thank goodness - I needed my mechanic!  I guess my Dad was right about me eloping…. I also drove this car to my divorce hearing 10 years later.

Beverly's LIA Lady Billet Trophy sitting on the roof of the Camaro Beverly's front dash of the Camaro

My entire lifetime of memories is connected with this Camaro…. From my first job interview to present day.  We drove it to the hospital to bring home our new born babies, who also grew up to love the sound and speed of this Camaro.  It took us to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day in 1983, when my son accidentally cut the end of his finger off.  Now who can forget that?  I drove my Camaro to work for 15 years; stored it and drove it occasionally for the next 9 years; and finally parked it on a dirt floor in my Mom’s barn for the following 12 years.

Beverly's interior of her Camaro Picture of Beverly with her trophy on the Camaro roof

In 1980, after complaining about the cost of gasoline and the fact I only got about 6 miles per gallon …… maybe due to a heavy foot ….. Dad did remove all of the high performance equipment and replaced it with all of the original stock equipment. Wow! That increased my mileage to about 11 miles per gallon!

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