Beverly's Build

“Truly a Father - Daughter Love Affair with a '68 Camaro”

Story by Beverly Logsdon, Edited by LIA Magazine
Photos by – Julia Aschenberg
Beverly Logdson's 68 Camaro

Truly a Father - Daughter Love Affair with a 68 Camaro, starring Gordon “Buddy” Underwood and Beverly Underwood Logsdon.  This 1968 Camaro has quite a history with the Underwood family, starting from day one.

At the time, my Dad had a light blue, Chevy, Impala.  Dad allowed me to drive to the local tennis court each evening, even though I did not have my driver’s license.  Each evening he would remind me that this sharp Impala would be mine one day.  I went to California for a visit, and when I returned a month later…. there, in our driveway sat this blue, 1968 Chevy, Camaro - instead of my Impala!   I asked Dad about my Impala and he just replied, “Your brother wanted a Camaro, so I traded in the Impala, but don’t worry Sissy - you will get something else later”.  And that was that.

Beverly Logsdon's 327 V8 small block Beverly Logsdon with father Gordon Underwood

My Dad, Gordon “Buddy” Underwood from Washington Court House, Ohio purchased this Camaro off of the Xenia showroom floor in 1968 for $2,200.00 cash.  This 327, 8 cylinder, coupe was assembled in Norwood, Ohio and was the 29,179th Camaro to roll out of the Norwood Plant.  It was then shipped to a dealership in Xenia, Ohio.  Dad chose the basic 327, 8 cylinder, blue, coupe instead of the orange, Z28 sitting beside of it, supposedly so us kids would not be as likely to race around and get killed in the higher powered engine.

Front 3/4 Beverly Logsdon's of 68 Camaro

Soon things between Dad and my Brother were strained, when my Brother could not afford the cost of “high risk” insurance and the monthly payments and maybe my Brother was caught horsing around a little bit too much in the 1968 Camaro….. So, Dad repossessed the Camaro, locked it up in his garage, covered it with blankets and that is where it sat for a year or so!


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