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Interview with Ashley Webb

story and photos by John and Julia Aschenberg

Ashley Webb is a sweet talented young lady who was born into the world of hot rodding. Her father is Dan Webb of Webb Automotive Art who's talent has won him many honors at shows and in the magazines. Ashley seems to be following in the same steps as her parents, that is her love for the automotive industry. Since she was constantly in the shop from the very beginning, we're not surprised her first vehicle she built was completed her Junior year in High School. She debuted her Wedge at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV in 2005. As we talked with Ashley, we quickly realized her mind never stops, the creative juices are constantly going.

Good Luck Ashley in the future!

“I was born into this whole car thing, so I had two choices, either Deal with it or run away. I chose to deal with the whole car thing and haven’t regretted my decision at all for anything. I wouldn’t change my decision for the world. Because I love this and this is in my blood.”... Ashley Webb

LIA Mag: You were born into the builder or constructional side of things. So, what age would you say that you can remember when you were actually in your dad's shop actually helping work on something to where at that point you knew hey I like this and this is what I want to do?

Ashley: Well, I have been going to my dad's shop every since I was little because the shop is right behind the house (is on the same property). I have been going to the shop every day. I've always...

LIA Mag: ...What are your personal dreams and goals you have for yourself?

Ashley: My vision and goals for myself is I would love to get this purse line started. I would love to see...

LIA Mag: ...That knowledge was building. Did all that come together with the build of your roadster?

Ashley: Yes all that knowledge I utilized in building my roadster.

LIA Mag: Did you have a deadline date of when you wanted your roadster completed?

Ashley: ...We came down to the wire, however, we were...

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